Givan Lötz Artist / Musician

Selected Projects 2007—2014

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Winter Strobe

Pulse Threshold

Pillars of Dawn

Hive Dream

Black Refraction

The Origin and Limit

Arteles Creative Center

– 420 x 297mm; Charcoal on Paper

Swearing off the ideal picturesque of traditional landscape portrayal, The Origin and Limit presents an ecstatic vision of a scene — a compression of a mental image to a narrow compositional window, hinting at an expanse beyond the bounds of the work.

With a combination of unconventional techniques from dendritic mono-printing to dry mark-making through wet media, the enduring motifs of nature painting are subverted: a cave as a shamanic portal; a fulgurous sky; a frozen woodland floor interrupted erratically; an impervious brush through which light warps colour and form. In this visual shorthand, the scene looms closer in its abstraction, describing a nature no longer familiar.

Studio project completed as part of Arteles Creative Center Residency Program for February 2017 Finland (theme: Silence, Awareness, Existence)