Givan Lötz Artist / Musician

Selected Projects 2007—2014

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ExhibitA Seven Mutually Touching Infinite Cylinders (Plan)

ExhibitB Seven Mutually Touching Infinite Cylinders (Model)

ExhibitC Seven Mutually Touching Infinite Cylinders (Truncated)

ExhibitC Seven Mutually Touching Infinite Cylinders (Truncated) Installation

Feral Futures

I take It All Back - Nirox

– Installation; Drawing; Sculpture

“To observe is to destroy”


“Mathematics is the supreme nostalgia of our time”


We are told that we are living in the information age, that knowledge is power, that with the advent of modern science, a vista of improvement opened up. But to what finalé does this trend of progress tend? An Absolute Truth? Can we truly know everything? Or will we admit that the forceps of our minds are clumsy, crushing the truth a little in taking hold of it? Following a distrust of the tacit promises set out by secular humanist thought, FERAL FUTURES then imagines a world in a time after time, where the modern myth of progress has failed, where knowledge has been lost in a radical process of re-wilding both the landscape and humankind.

In this potential setting, our present day achievements in the self-congratulating fields of maths and science become merely quaint archaic decorations. FERAL FUTURES excavates these obsolete objects from an obsolete time and presents only their mysterious cryptic surfaces—all deep meaning having been lost. There is no larger task than cataloguing a culture. Obsolete Object #II: Seven Mutually Touching Infinite Cylinders is one of the first relics of our cultural anthropology to be re-represented.

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