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INFINITE JEST Laser Etched Bronze Mirror 500mm

FINAL FANTASY Laser Etched Bronze Mirror 500mm

DIVINE COMEDY Laser Etched Bronze Mirror 500mm


Eternal Return

Southern Guild at Everard Read Gallery - Johannesburg

– Laser-Etched Mirror

“That humanity at large will ever be able to dispense with Artificial Paradises seems very unlikely. ... the urge to escape, the longing to transcend themselves if only for a few moments, is and has always been one of the principal appetites of the soul.”


The Doors of Perception, 1954

Consciousness within humans is evolved to such a degree that we are able to spin a self, a self-reflecting self. The problem with our self-consciousness is that it is accompanied by an existential anxiety. As a species, we are in the unique position where we are not only certain to die but also fully aware of it.

In order to allay this Fear of Death, cultures throughout the ages have postulated the idea of an After-Life — transcendent realms apart from the world of suffering (heavens, paradises, nirvana etc.)In our collective visual history these realms are most often symbolised by or depicted as rounded, radiant, centered devices.

“Eternal Return”, then, simultaneously heightens our self-awareness through self-reflection while presenting the typical symbolic patterns & paths of escape almost automatically demanded from the resulting existential anxiety — A strange feedback loop of loss and desire.

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